Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Live Blogging the Cameron Speech

Dark suit, red tie. Good start.

Built to Last feedback announced today, revised document tomorrow.
Priority List review announced next Monday.

Cameron begins by saying that he had met and spoken with Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague, Shadow Home Secretary David Davis and Shadow Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

Wants to see the UN resolution implemented in full - no army in Lebanon expect the Lebanese one. Cameron determine to see an international force at full strength.

Cameron goes on to back the UK Government and the British soldiers. He asks for a full NATO audit to ensure that the troops that go in are fully supported.

He agrees with William Hague that the response was disproportionate and says that the Conservatives won't take a one sided view.

Tory Leader says this is a battle within Islam rather than between Islam and the West.

He is looking and sounding confident.

Says he is shocked, but not surprised, at the 10/8 plot. Cameron says there are people in British society who want to kill themselves and others. Not driven by poverty but by a perverted ideology. MP says he wants a comprehensive strategy. Thanks the public for their patient attitude in the holiday season. Says he wants to work with the government.

Cameron says government not doing enough to fight extremism at home - shouldn't have frozen Home Office budgets. They haven't followed through on Blair 12 point security plan.

Cameron says we should invest in security service. We must enforce and strenghten existing laws rather than create new ones. We must build the fabric of society.

George Osbourn, Shadow Chancellor, challenging Brown's Home Office spending freeze.

Intercept evidence must be allowed in court, says David Cameron.

Cameron repeats his request for a Homeland Security Minister and also for the replacing of the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights.

Why have so few preachers of hate not been brought to court?

Cameron believes the government doesn't follow up when the headlines move on.

Cameron is clearly well researched and his speech is well written.

Cameron puts EAL and history teaching in schools at the centre of the creation of social fabric.

Tories to keep asking tough questions. David Cameron says we need to be balanced and have good judgement.

Excellent stuff from Cameron - both message and presentation. Hope he does as well with the questions.

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Anonymous said...

The Public perception is our billions that have gone into services have been "creamed off" by government depts., quangos, consultants and PFI initiatives, and NO on public services. Is this perception correct?, and should officials who "cream off" money be charged of corruption, misadministration and misuse of money, or sacked? Should not front line services be prioritised first and the department office furniture or PFI profits second?