Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Politics returns to normal after the summer hols:

The Norwich Conservatives have highlighted a blunder by City Hall that means every house in the City has been asked to register for an election that occurred months ago.

The letter – headed “Important Information” in bold red type – is enclosed with the voter registration form and tells people that if they register “you will then be eligible to vote at the City Council elections in May 05.”

Conservative spokesman Antony Little said the mistake was careless. “Not only has this election passed but the vote in 2005 was for the County Council,” he said. “It is clear that they meant to say “May 06” but such a simple blunder suggests that careful checks are not being made at City Hall.”

“Or maybe it is our political leadership at City Hall that doesn’t know what year it is.”

“This mistake makes City Hall look foolish to every voter in Norwich. At a time when public confidence in the Norwich LibDems is at an all-time low this will have done nothing to boost voter turnout.”