Sunday, August 06, 2006

I agree with Mrs Cllr Simon Wright

I always get a bit suspicious when people start writing nice things about Councillors in the letters page of the Evening News - Councillors and the Council are there to be used as punching bags, everybody knows that!

So how surprised I was on Saturday to see one resident asking people to support Councillors in their work - wait, no, just a minute ... the author is only the fiancee of Cllr Simon Wright, LibDem member for Fakenham! A totally unbias view there then!

To be serious for a moment, I did however like what she had to say - about the need for the council to take the working lifestyles of people into account. Not just go-ahead young teacher types, but the council should be accommodating of working people, the self employed and those with altenrative lifestyles. Mrs Cllr Wright wrote a good letter which really hit the nail on the head - maybe she should get together with Mrs Cllr Brenda Ferris for a chat? We all know how much Brenda accommodates people in different professions!

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