Monday, August 14, 2006

Under what circumstances should we recall parliament?

I am in a seeming minority of people, luckily aligned with such luminaries as Shadow Home Secretary David Davis and Dizzy, that doesn't want parliament to be recalled over the current Middle East crisis - yet. If, and when, our policy changes on this issue then it might be warranted but it did make me think what circumstances parliament should be recalled. After all, most MPs are off caravanning around Europe and couldn't return anyway...

1. When it involves deployment of UK troops
2. A major national disaster
3. A sudden, large and unexpected costs laid upon the UK taxpayer
4. The death of a senior politican or Royal
5. Over to you ...

p.s. On that basis, it has been pointed out that 10/8 would qualify for a recall but the Middle East crisis wouldn't. Shouldn't there be more guidelines then just the whim of the Speaker of this?

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