Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Questions Morphew must answer over Labour's Unitary Bid

The MORI poll that I mentioned below has blown up in the face of Norwich City Leaders after it turned out they failed to inform fellow council leaders.

Norwich City Council have commissioned a MORI poll to determine levels of support for Unitary Status across the City, South Norfolk and Broadland districts. However, questions have now been raised about the cost of this exercise and if City Council Leaders had informed their district council counterparts that they were carrying out the poll.

I now have a copy of the leaked poll. The Council have committed a lot of taxpayers cash to an exercise in propaganda. This poll is not fair or balanced – it is designed to get the answer that City Hall want.

If they are to do these polls, they should at least be balanced to give us some faith in the outcome.

Furthermore, I understand that fellow council leaders were unaware that this poll was going on in their council areas. Norwich City should at least have the decency to inform our council colleagues and councillors.

Broadland, for example, have made it very clear that they are against unitary status. I understand that senior figures in Broadland are less than happy about this.

Isn’t it time that City Leaders were honest about the resources and cash that they are pouring into this political project?

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