Monday, August 07, 2006

Shock: LibDem says Campbell should go

A conversation with an old LibDem chum of mine brings out a plausable solution to the current LibDem Leadership crisis. What if Ming did a Michael?

That is, to stand down in favour of a single challenger who would then appoint Sir Ming as the party's foreign affairs spokesman instead. Apparently, Sir Ming made his name through foreign affairs but has proved that he is unable to take that gravitas through to other policy areas. Oh dear. So, says my chum, why not put him back where he belongs? After all, the appointment of Michael Moore has been the disaster of the LibDem reshuffle, I'm told. I would have thought that Sarah Teather or David Heath would be in line for that but, hey, who knows how the mind of a LibDem works?

LibDems are fast getting fed up with him, despite better PMQs performances. But instead of stressing his leadership credentials, his work on the Middle East crisis reminds members what a good foreign spokesman he was.

As a Tory interested in the LibDems doing badly I want Sir Ming to cling on. But if LibDem members were suddenly presented with a pre-conference coup - sanctioned by the Leader - who would object?

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