Monday, August 28, 2006

Bank Holiday & the week to come

After getting stuck in traffic for 4 1/2 hours coming back to Norwich on Saturday I have gone from being static to being non-stop.

Yesterday Louise and I ventured forth onto more DIY - that is until we nearly destroyed one wall in our kitchen and had to have a very long sit down to recover. It gave me time to wade through 124 e-mails that I recieved during our week long holiday. And that isn't even spam - just council stuff, party gumpf and ward issues. Amazing. It took three hours to get through but I genuinely mean it when I say that people deserve a prompt response to queries - even if it is negative.

In the evening we went to the Trafford Arms pub quiz, where I met my Labour colleague Cllr Keith Driver. Keith is a good bloke - an old fashioned socialist who represents Lakenham Ward. Unfortunately his team beat mine, but if we had played the joker on the right round we'd not only have beaten him but won the whole contest. Keith is also a man who can't tell Charlotte Church and John Prescott apart!

Today we have spent the day messing around on the broads with the family. We went from Wroxham to North Norfolk and enjoyed a pincic lunch on the way. Emily wasn't keen on the boat at first but she soon got into it when the ducks started to appear. Big medal goes to Great Aunty Lynda for reversing the boat into a tiny mooring. How did she do it?!? Ice cream in Wroxham and then home.

Tomorrow we are sorting out the kitchen floor and seeing the front wall being re-build. Wednesday I am going to take Emily for her mumps jab (no, we are not having the MMR) and then in the evening there is a public meeting in Bowthorpe to discuss the planning application for a worship room on Wendene. I am in licensing committee meetings all day on Thursday. Friday I shall mostly be preparing for the return to school.

Oh, and congrats go to our local Party Chairman Trevor and his wife Lisa whose son, Alexander, was born today. Lisa was so sure that the baby would be early so this wait had been agony for her (she was induced yesterday, being 10 days late) but I am sure that Alexander will be more than worth the wait!

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