Friday, August 11, 2006

Gibson (finally) apologises ... now will he announce that he is standing down?

Following the blast that Ian Gibson has recieved in the Daily Mail (aided and abeited by myself) and the Telegraph. Interestingly this has sharply divided people between those who believe he should quit as an MP now and those who believe this is something worth imvestigation. I have to say that far more are against him than for him.

The Independent is running a similar story tomorrow, and the local rags are keeping up the pressure. I understand that Labour Councillors are fuming - though the divide is between the vaguely supportive North City members and the utterly furious South City ones.

Mr Gibson has made himself a laughing stock after building up a solid reputation as a parliamentarian. I just wonder ... has this delayed the long-awaited announcement of his retirement or bought it forward?

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