Thursday, August 03, 2006

From our reporter in the field...

Charles Clarke is gone but not forgotten. The erstwhile Home Secretary, Education Secretary and Labour Party Chairman is back in Norwich South and delivering some high quality tat around the place talking about all of his achievement. Well, or maybe not.

You see, the wonderful A3 full colour piece of literature declares that Mr Clarke is "Getting things done for local people." You might have thought that a Labour MP, with a Labour government, now a Labour Council and who was, until recently, one of the most important people in government might just be able to achieve something. Just open the leaflet and read on...

Charles is campaigning for wardens in West Earlham
Charles in campaigning for a better bus service around the University
Charles is campaigning to get a better deal from City Care
Charles is campaigning for traffic calming on Jex Road
Charles is campaigning for more money to be spent on parks in the Dereham Road area.
Charles is campaigning for CCTV in the City Centre
Charles in campaigning for a 20mph zone outside of Tuckswood First School.

So, you haven't managed to achieve any of these then Charles - you hold power and all you can do is campaign still?

To be fair, he claims a success with Sure Start in Bowthorpe and Alley Gates in the Golden Triangle. Well Done, Charles - well worth electing!

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