Friday, August 11, 2006

Cost of Ian Gibson surges by a massive 36%

A quick look at the figures reveals that the cost of maintaining Norwich North's MP have risen by an enormous 36% since 2001. Reports show that Mr Gibson claimed £89,935 in expenses in 2001-2002 but that figure had massively risen to £122,459 by 2004-2005. This increase outstrips inflation enormously and is rising far faster than wages and prices across the UK.

This really does amaze me - MPs are not subject to any more costs now than they were 5 years ago, so why should their expenses grow so much? They should be linked to inflation like everyone else. Not unless Mr Gibson links his expenses to the rising cost of, say, petrol, gas or council tax.

I wouldn't mind better than not a single one of Mr Gibson's constituents (inbred or otherwise) got a wage rise of 36% across the last five years. We have a duty to keep a check on our MPs spending (it is, after all, our money).

UPDATE: Charles Clarke's expenses have risen by 33% - not very much better. Although given that Mr Gibson has bothered to, for example, speak in debates and ask questions I am inclined to think that his 36% rise is better spent than Mr Clarke's 33%.

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Anonymous said...

And Camerons have risen by 635%

Why didn't you mention this?