Monday, August 07, 2006

Stupid or dirty?

As a Tory activist I have to get used to the public perception of the LibDems being all cuddly and lovely whilst seeing them get away with being nasty, negative and dirty in campaigning. However, having read the newly revampt Hillingdon LibDem website I am slightly worried that they are more stupid than deliberately deceptive.

To be a LibDem activist you have to be wildly optimistic on the verge of utterly insane. Remember, the whole "winning here", "two horse race" and "only the LibDems can beat..." strategy fails far more times than it works. So I urge you to read the summer edition of the Cavendish Ward Focus where the party proudly boasts:

"Steve, Elaine and Alan worked hard to provide residents with a real alternative and came closer than ever to taking the ward."

Erm, hang on. The LibDems held this ward for two terms before losing it to the Tories on 4th May on a massive swing. Steve and Elaine were both sitting Councillors! In fact, Steve was the Leader of the LibDem group.

What on earth can this misleading statement mean? Was it a deliberate attempt to deny the fact that they lost the ward and two long serving councillors were ousted?

Maybe but I have come to the conclusion that it must be stupidity on their part. After all, nobody would support a party that deliberately made that up, would they?

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