Sunday, August 06, 2006

Remote Councillor...

Where have I been and what have I been doing? Well...

Following Wednesday to Friday in Hungary at the e-democracy conference, I flew (yes, budget airlines) into Newcastle for my best mates stag do. Straight from that it was home, via Britain's third world public transport system and onto the beautiful Crown and Castle Hotel in Orford, Suffolk, where Lou and I had our first nights away from Emily (ever)! A fantastic hotel. Then off to Oxfordshire this weekend for my Aunt and Uncle's Ruby anniversary. During this time the whole inside of my house is looking like a dump as a new boiler and kitchen are put in - plus re-wiring the house.

All this and I still feel very on top of all my council work - even the hotel in Newcastle had remote wireless access so I was able to keep working anywhere in the world. Officers and fellow councillors had no idea that I was in Eastern Europe (or Eastern Suffolk) when I got in touch. E-mail, broadband and mobile phones really are changing the way that we work.

Tomorrow I am in all day with the kitchen fitters and then it is licensing committee and a group meeting in Tuesday.

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