Wednesday, August 02, 2006

EN reports on the Norwich political "young guns"

The election of a 26 year old LibDem has sparked the Evening News into reporting about the large numbers of young people in the Council at the moment. Myself apart, the Greens have Cllr Ramsay, Cllr Stephenson (Nelson), Cllr Altman (Mancroft) and Cllr Llewelyn (Wensum) who would qualify. The LibDems rely on new Cllr Mayhew (Mile Cross) whilst Labour only have Cllr Rumsby (Bowthorpe) - but one wouldn't like to speculate as to her age, for fear of arrousing blushes and being seen to be ungentlemanly. The full story is here.

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Anonymous said...

My local (Tory) district cllr tried to get me to run for next year's local elections despite being a) 19, b) Lib Dem and c) probably in London at the time of the election. It's depressing how desperate people are for 'young people' to get involved.