Friday, August 04, 2006

Tax It, Spend It, Waste It

I am shocked that first a senior Labour Councillor thinks that wasting £4000 on postage is not a problem and now a LibDem Councillor believes that the Council being plunged into an overspend of £400,000 is not a problem either.

So the LibDems don't see a problem with not balancing the budget and Labour aren't interested in saving money - nothing changes there then.

Nobody knows the real extend of the financial difficulties that we face - the figure could be more or less than the £2m - but we do know that Norwich City Council has massive financial problems which aren't going to be sorted any time soon.

City Council too often forget that it is our money that they are spending - the money is not the council's, it is from the tax payers of Norwich. In the current climate the ruling Labour Group and their LibDem friends should be working in bringing down costs, saving money where possible and providing value-for-money services.

No business, let alone a household, would run their budgets like the City Council house. Norwich City Council could learn a lot from a struggling small business or a family living on a tight budget to see how they live within their means.

The attitude of the Labour and LibDem groups is disgraceful, but I am pleased to say that the Conservatives are back in City Hall ready to highlight waste and provide an opposition to our "tax it, spend it, waste it" council.

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