Monday, August 14, 2006

Cameron & the Middle East

David Cameron is set to make tomorrow a day when he will spell out his position on the Middle East, says the BBC. I am very pleased with this decision because I feel that Cameron can help broaden the debate. Luckily, the increasingly useless Sir Ming hasn't managed to fill that gap even with his legendary statemanlike approach to foreign affairs. However I would be most disappointed if this was as a reaction to media attacks that Mr Cameron has been invisible on the issue. I hardly consider myself to be old fashioned on this, but isn't this what we have a Shadow Foreign Secretary for? Bill Hague has done a pretty good job over this. You can see with the whole Blair/Beckett and Reid/Prescott situations what the problems can be with too many cooks on these issues. So I was glad when Cameron let Hague make the running (as I would expect him to allow Lansley the running on health, Davis on crime et al). Our Party needs to be more than just a one-man band. The Shadow Cabinet will never make a mark on the nation if Cameron is our only spokesman.

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