Friday, August 04, 2006

Just Brilliant

This afternoon I had a meeting with my fellow Tory City Councillor Eve Collishaw.

Eve could have been the most influential Conservative in the County. When the Conservatives took control of County Hall in 2001 she was one half of probably the most powerful female double act in local government - along with now former Leader Alison King. Cllr Collishaw quit as Deputy Leader and Economic Spokesman a year later and has always been intensley loyal to the City areas of Norwich. Eve went on to win in Catton Grove in 2004 and is now Deputy City Tory Leader and Spokesman for Economics & Transport. I wonder if, had she stayed on and been a good girl, if Eve would have been County Leader after Alison quit last April?

The point of the meeting was to go through the many facets of the current council budget crisis that continues to emerge. The grip and grasp that Eve has of the situation and her ability to relay that in plain English was astonishing. I hate jargon but she thinks outside of the box in such a Conservative way (oxymoron, anyone?) and is very perceptive. Just brilliant. Catton Grove, myself and the Tory Party are lucky to have people like her.

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