Monday, August 14, 2006

Couzens to make way?

The issue of who is standing where and who may or may not stand down has become a hot topic at City Hall. Labour big hitters Brian Morrey and Brenda Ferris are both reportedly thinking about standing down, but now the LibDems appear to be thinking of the future too.

Rumour has it that Ian Couzens has come to the conclusion that his continued presence on the LibDem benches will be a constant reminder of his disasterous regime and he will be a centre for Labour attacks. So has the time come for long serving Cllr Couzens to throw the towel in? Well, if as expected Cllr Simon Wright quits his Fakenham seat in May 07 (due to living in Norwich) then the Eaton berth becomes wide open for him...

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Anonymous said...

Norwich CC having no money to spend at least has some benefits if Brenda Ferris steps down. Possibly sad if Brian steps down as at least he has ability and is quite affiable unlike his Culture colleague.