Tuesday, August 15, 2006

John Hemming "not totally useless" - shock

John Hemming is the love-rat turned LibDem MP (or should that be LibDem MP turned love-rat?!?) who was touting himself around for the leadership in January. He failed to recieve more than 2 backers (even those came as a surprise) and has since made himself a bit of a rent-a-quote MP, following in a line of great rent-a-quote MPs. He does, however, have one redeeming feature (steady!) and that is his blog - www.johnhemming.blogspot.com - which I have found a very useful site to gather source material for my A Level politics class. He picks out choice passages from Hansard and lists his parliamentary questions. Only very rarely is he overtly party political. I urge you to take a look if you want to see the nuts and bolts of parliament.

The least you can say about Mr Hemming is he has a useful blog.

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PoliticalHackUK said...

Only rarely is he party political?

You haven't been reading him for very long, have you?