Friday, August 04, 2006

Call me Councillor

Whenever Labour get back into power they always try and destroy those things which make up the backbone of the state.

First it was the House of Lords, then the electoral system and devolution.

Now, top Labour Councillors in Norwich want officers and council staff to refer to us by our first names! Luckily, said Councillor has been slapped down, having been told that being referred to as "Councillor" not only keeps the barbarians from the gates of civilisation and maintains a level of respect between everyone - but also covers up when the officer can't remember the name of the person to whom (s)he is speaking to!


Anonymous said...

I have to say I find the use of "Councillor Ayling" disarming -- everytime I speak to someone at the Council... I'm "Gav" in my head.

Antony said...

It is also useful for the phone/ If they ask for Councillor Little then you know its about politics or the council. If they ask for Mr Little then it's a cold call. If they ask for Antony, it's a friend or family.