Friday, June 09, 2006

Why no blog?

In order that I remain Norwich's most honest politican I think I owe the millions of international policy makers who visit this blog, winner of Blog of the Year 1972, an explanation.

My tooth hurt. Oh, yes.

But more. I went to the dentist and had an aborted extraction. Half way through.

I was prescribed drugs to help with the pain. Yes.

I didn't read the leaflet and drank somethink I shouldn't have and caused a massive amount of pain and distress.

I was prescribed drugs to deal with the pains from the last prescribed drugs. I failed to read the second set of instructions. And accidently overdosed.

And that's why I've been too ill to blog.

Sad, but true, dear blog reader...

Moral of the story - read those tiny size-4-font-on-a-bit-of-paper-the-size-of-a-postage-stamp things you get in medicines. Or else.


Anonymous said...

ah ya prat, poor lad. doesn't louise read it for ya? :-P

Anonymous said...

and how ill? :-(

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that you would know to always check the fine print!

Antony said...

Louise, my so-called beloved wife, abandoned me in favour of a school trip to How Hill! Outrage! In my state of panic and pain from lot of pain killers number one, I mis-read lot of pain killers number two.

How ill was I? Unable to move, the slightest movement caused stabbing pains in my head that caused temporary paralysis. No joke - it was the most pain I have ever been in (although Louise points out that Child birth is still worse.)

As for the fine print ... very funny, boy.

Anonymous said...

ouch, worthy of the hospital then? hope ur ok now tho :-)

Anonymous said...

Did this mix of tablets have any other side effects:- Did you start to turn into Tuneful Turquoise Tarquin or worse a gobby moron?

Anonymous said...

where was emily in all this btw? lol