Monday, June 26, 2006

"Thank God Norwich rode for peace"

I'm told there is a wonderful old cartoon of two contented people sitting in a perfect rose cottage, no doubt enjoying a G&T and listening to the cricket on the radio, whilst around them the world turns into a nuclear holocaust. "Thank God", reads the caption, "that we declared ourselves a nuclear free-zone."

Which naughty Councillor believes this cartoon accurately reflects the "Norwich Bike Ride for Peace"?

I'm told that maybe one day, perhaps in the EDP, we'll see a cartoon of Party Leaders Adrian Ramsay, Ian Couzens, Steve Morphew and myself, sitting on the steps of a serene City Hall whilst all around the WMD go flying above our heads and the caption will read: "Thank God Norwich rode for peace"?

p.s. Although I am officially allergic to any exercise that doesn't involve putting leaflets through letterboxes, I think anything is worth a try...

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