Thursday, June 15, 2006

Feeling better

After my disastar at the dentist the other week (see below), those incredible people at Treetops, on Pottergate, have sorted me out and I now have root canal work booked in for the 3rd July. Nice. I have to say that the surgery is the best I've ever been to - I hardly knew the dentist was doing the work! Clean, efficient, on-time ... amazing service all round. Very impressed.

What's been happening since I've been ill? Well, Sir Ming has tried to re-lauch his leadership by promising to cut tax. I'm all in favour of tax cuts in principle but I do think that:
1. This looks rushed, a bit desperate to be honest.
2. Who can tell three years away from a buget what tax requirements might be
3. It all looks like it was done on the back on an envelope - including the reliance on Green Taxes.

Meanwhile, Blair and Reid line up against the judges, rather foolishly in my view. David Cameron absolutely crushed Blair at PMQs and Francis Maude is trying to re-work Tory membership rules.

On Norwich City Council I have been working this week with fellow Tory Councillor Eve Collihsaw on questions and motions for the first council meeting. More to follow. On Monday I went to the first Group Leaders Briefing and on Wednesday had our Environmental Inspection Pre-Meeting. I must admit to rather respecting Anna Graves, the Director of Development ... and not just because I teach her daughter. She is bright, articulate and seems to get things done. Just what the City Council needs.

On the other hand, it was amusing to recieve a letter addressed to myself at City Hall ... posted from City Hall. Oh yes, 22p to leave the building, go to the mail sort and come back again.

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