Saturday, June 03, 2006

Why this blog will continue to be honest

I’m afraid to say that Nick Bishop, one of the more partisan and less nice Green Party members, has been joining LibDem Cllr Simon Wright in trawling blogs to find politically embarrassing information. In the case of Mr Bishop – whom incidentally I absolutely crushed in the recent Bowthorpe poll – he failed to do so and yet has written to both local newspapers complaining that I am seeking a parliamentary seat and am a councillor. I do not see that this as problem and I would be interested in your views on the comments section. He questions if I have aspirations to be an MP – I clearly do as that is why I stood in the 2005 General Election. Perhaps Mr Bishop is also one of the less bright Green members as well?

As ridiculous as Mr Bishop and Cllr Wright continue to be, their actions throw real doubt over the future of blogging politicians. These are more than just on-line diaries; they are journals of our thoughts and ideas. I have always sought be honest here and give my views on national and local events. They should be taken as personal views not party ones. Mr Bishop and Cllr Wright are encouraging bland, pointless party-orientated diatribes that don’t move politics forward. I could have kept quiet about wanting to be a PPC again, but why do so when I can help people to understand how the system works and my views on it.

I happen to know that a large number of people enjoy reading my blog and others because you can be guaranteed that it is all 100% genuine. It shall continue to be honest, as shall I.

In 2004 one young guy who came to vote in Clover Hill said to me that he was supporting me because he could see on my blog what I was up to and I made an effort to keep in touch using IT. He said he was fed up with reading the normal party propaganda and found the blog easier in understanding what I was really about. If my blog helps to engage just that young man then it has served its purpose.

(And for the record, Mr Bishop – I got three times the number of votes than the Greens got in 2005 and five times the number you got last May. So there.)


Anonymous said...

Here, here. I saw the letter in the Eve News. Now I'm nt a Tory, in fact I'm what-ever-the-opposite-of-a-Tory is. I did in fact vote Green this year. However I couldn't see what the point of that nasty, bitter letter was.

Keep on blogging - Greens have lost one vote here.

Anonymous said...

And who the hell is Nick Bishop anyway? What's his blog address? Oh, I forgot, he's too gutless to have one!

Anonymous said...

I don't see what either of your problems are, actually.

Mr Bishop shouldn't be so amazed, he must be either pretty stupid or new to politics.

And you Antony should expect a bit of rough and tumble.

Both of you need o grow up.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you blog, Mr Little, and I enjoy it. It says more about the petty nasty streak in the Greens than anything else!

And yes, I am revising! (Whilst reading your blog)

Ellee Seymour said...

Well said Antony.

Anonymous said...

I thought your point about who Nick Bishop is was good - a little bit bitter about May's results?

FWIW I voted for you Antony and do enjoy reading this blog - please let it continue.

Anonymous said...

Antony, one has to respect the green motives of 290 folk in Borthorpe & Earlham who voted Green Party, but they didn't get a very good candidate in Nick Bishop did they? I didn't get any Bishop visit or leaflet. This is why I voted for you Antony, and you leaflets let be know what you were all about. I think Bishops credetials are he is green with envy. He was nowhere in May. Come to think about it I haven't really seen the Greens in the Incinerator debate. Its not one of their campaigns. They seem to have left the hard work to others and people in NAIL2.

Anonymous said...

Wooo, u go girl! nice 1 little :-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't manage to get a copy of the original letter but it seems to be a rather tragic way for a "grown up" politican to behave - Nick Bishop should hang his head.

And I voted Green in May.

Antony said...

Thanks for all of your comments - I have another half a dozen or so on e-mail but I don't want to print them without permission. Funnily enough I was at a NAIL2 meeting tonight and three or four people - hardly natural Conservatives - said that Nick's letter had really turned them off both him personally and in some ways the Green Party. It seems this was a big misjudegement and Mr Bishop ought to have his letters cleared by somebody more responsible in future.

Antony said...

This is now the subject that has created the most comment on this blog - beating the previous winner, the wonderful Cllr Wright and his antics. Thank you to everyone (both for and against) who has taken the time to leave comments.