Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kennedy's Comeback

I'm a bit stressed at work at the moment - paperwork, needless to say, is causing it so give me children and their issues any day of the week - but I suspect not as stressed as Charles Kennedy.

The deposed LibDem Leader is on QT tonight, following in the footsteps of fellow disgraced LibDem Mark Oaten last week and Sir Ming Campbell a few weeks earlier. This is the first time that Mr Kennedy has really faced the media and the public, although give him credit for a continued presence in the Commons itself.

I suspect he'll be treated very lightly by both the audience and fellow guests Tory Oliver Letwin and Education Secretary Alan Johnson. Kennedy will be polite and charming as always, but when his comeback is established I think that he'll defy predictions of a frontbench relaunch in favour of an explosive reveal-all book or newspaper interview. Kennedy is a scorned man - worse, a scorned politican - and he still very much blames Campbell for his undoing. Also don't expect Kennedy to serve alongside those LibDem MPs such as Teather and Davy who wielded the knife.

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