Monday, June 05, 2006

NAIL2 meeting

I was pleased to represent the people of Bowthorpe at a NAIL2 meeting tonight, against the Costessey Incinerator. The result in May was in part due to my stance on the incinerator and I intend to use every means to oppose this.

The meeting was extremely well attended - probably just shy of 50 people to a public meeting, which is incredible in this day and age. Despite a slow start the discussions were very useful, especially those on how to further the campaign. I'm pleased the Evening News attended, but they missed the best bits of the discussion by clearing off early. NAIL2 is now setting their sites on stunts, mass petitions, letter writing and more tactics within the Council chamber. They seem a really committed and hard working group of people and they really do deserve success.

Their stories of the failure of both Norwich City Council and LibDem run South Norfolk Council to help out the campaign were quite schocking.

I also got to meet several of my constituents in Bowthorpe and was very pleased that this blog got a mention and also my campaigning work. Despite my dental work I though I spoke well on the subject and one lady from the community said that I knew what I wanted to say and put it across well. She's nice - she can come again!

I'll do what I can to support the group and if you want to help out e-mail me and I'll pass your details on!

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Anonymous said...

This incinerator is monsterous, verging on criminal. People in big numbers need to get writing to people like County Cllr Ian Monson to tell him the siting, health and environmental dangers of the this stupid idea, and tell him and his waste officials they are flat wrong in what they are doing. Also get behind or involved with NAIL2, at the very least put a NAIL2 anti incinerator poster in your window (all downloadable from EN/NAIL2 web)