Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ding Dong

One of the strange recent shifts in politics is that people seem much more able to make comebacks. Peter Mandelson did it, David Blunkett did it, Boris Johnson did it.

However, despite the rubber-ball nature of our senior frontbenchers, until recently very few leaders have done the double. However on councils and political groups up and down the country it seems that even leaders are getting a second chance. Former Tory Leader William Hague, the current Shadow Foreign Seceratry, is touted for a return to the leadership at some point. And today we learnt that euro-fanatic Diane Wallis is to lead the LibDem MEPs for a second time, following the decision of former Leader Chris Davies to resign in disgrace.

I say good on her - not least for beating Eastern Region MEP Andrew Duff to the leadership. Well done!

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