Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tory Councillor hits out at council house "disgrace"

A local Councillor has criticised the Council for having an empty council house that is being used for dumping rubbish.

Residents nearby complained to North Earlham’s Councillor Antony Little about the property at 41 Gilbard Road, saying that the deserted property was being used by some people to dump their rubbish. Local people claim that rats are now the only things living in the property.

Cllr Little said: “This property is now full of rubbish which makes it a nightmare for local people to live near. Rats are an issue for environmental health and this needs clearing up as soon as possible. One resident has told me that he reported this some time ago but nothing was done – the Council have now assured me that they will take action.”

“The more serious issue is why a council property is not being utilised when there are thousands of people on the waiting list for a new home. I am working with some very vulnerable people in need of immediate housing and the council sit on properties that could be used.”

“It is disgraceful and I have asked for an immediate reply as to why this house has been left empty and when it can be used again.”

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thenorwichblog said...

Actually, round that way it should be the rats that are afraid of the people :-)