Saturday, June 03, 2006

My Day Out

Last Wednesday I went to support Tony Palmer in his bid to be the new Conservative Councillor in Diss and today I trotted out to Lakenheath to support the wonderful Colin Noble. Both candidates are white, middle aged men. Not very Cameron 'A' List I hear you cry! But both are fantastic candidates - both live in their wards and have long histories serving local people. Palmer is a former Mayor of Diss, Noble runs a family business in Lakenheath. Both are so well known on the doorsteps that it is quite scary. Most people today were telling me the name of our candidate before I could. We've had great receptions in both. Interestingly today people were pulling up alongside Colin - or shouting across the street - to indicate their support. Same sort of things were happening in Diss too. I know that just mutual aiding you get a wonky look at a campaign, but rarely have I seen such organisation, such good candidates and such large teams of helpers on the streets. Perhaps the Tories have finally learnt something? I don't know what the results will be come 8th and 15th June, but both campaign teams get a big thumbs up from me!

p.s. Trevor Ivory reports from the Holt by-election here and here.

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