Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Wright Watch" Part III

This is the biggest response I've had to anything I've done on my blog - and the good news is (well, not for Cllr Wright but for the rest of us) that I have enough for a weeks worth of this!

As we all know, Cllr Wright lives in Norwich but represents Fakenham. But has he told his electorate that? It has been kindly pointed out that on the North Noroflk District Council website he lists his contact address as being Norman Lamb's office in North Walsham! Not a problem using an office address? It is if you are the only Councillor not to publish their home address on the website and people might just conclude that he ahs something to hide.

So,come on Cllr Wright - let's be honest with the people of Fakenham about where you live and honest with the people of Norwich about who you are and where you represent.

More tomorrow!

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