Sunday, June 25, 2006

Where will Anne go?

There is something most bizarre about the internal workings of the party when an MP of some years standing and a member of Cameron's frontbench finds herself without a parliamentary berth at the next election. Anne McIntosh is currently the Member for the Vale of York but her seat disappears thanks to the all powerful and totally unaccountable Boundary Commission. The successor seat is Selby, which recently chose local businessman Nigel Adams instead - so what of Anne's chances of being returned at the next general election and how can the party justify hanging an elected member out to dry like this? I hope she finds a winnable seat very soon.


Anonymous said...

...thinking she could be selected by swanning into the final round without interview, in a neighbouring marginal seat where she refused to lift a finger in 2005... nope, I can't see why she got hung out to dry either!

Anonymous said...

Selby & Ainsty isn't the successor seat to Vale of York (it's the successor seat to Selby!), the Vale of York doesn't have a successor seat, hence Anne's problem.

Most of the seats its wards are reallocated to are mostly made up of existing seats, with bits of the Vale of York bolted on. The exception is York Outer, a new seat, of which no existing seat makes up more than half.

I've classed Vale of York as an abolition and York Outer as a new seat, but they do share some wards (3 IIRC, but they are 3 populus suburban wards compared to the more sparsely populated rural wards that made up most of the old Vale of York seat) and if any seat can be considered a successor to Vale of York, it is York Outer.