Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Two votes in the bag

Back to Big Brother I'm afriad. I do know of 2 votes that have been cast - mine for back-stabbing Lisa and Grace will no doubt have voted for Imogen (did you see her and Mikey?!?). I cannot believe Lisa did that to Nikki (knowing that she either stabbed her friend in the back or faced eviction herself). Nikki then engaged in the diary room entry with the mst swear words in it ever ... nice, family television.


Anonymous said...

lol, did u see her throwing her paddy about it being too cold the other day? fantastic, lol.

Anonymous said...

loving the blobby red-ish titles, did u nick them from trevor ivory or just by chance? hehe

Antony said...

I did see the paddy. I love Nikki because it is clear she is undergoing serious mental torture.

As for the titles, no there is a button where you can turn them on! Myself and Trevor both coppied Blogger.com!