Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blogging Question Time

1. Brown's Takeover: A great opener from Kennedy. Don't see how a lot of the answers address the question, they were asked about the transfer of power not the issue of Trident. Greer plays the audience well. Johnson is a good performer and a relaxed and hunourous start from Letwin. Late disaster for Johnson - he badly fluffs the parliamentary vote issue. Win for Greer.

2. Government by tabloid? Greer is getting her knickers in a knot on this one. Johnson makes a reasonable case in the government's defence but both Letwin and Kennedy point out that this is a government relying on gimmicks. Kennedy needs to sort some of his thoughts out. Lovely quote ripped off from the No 10 website from Letwin. Win for Letwin.

3. Kennedy Comeback? A gracious response from Johnson, although a bit creepy. Kennedy does well, even under slight pressure from Dimbleby. Leaves open the door for a return. Letwin fluffs the attack - wy not mention the 300+ Tory election gains compared to the 1 gain for the LibDems? Kennedy hits back nicely. Guy in the audience is a complete pratt. Audience does seem very very pro-Kennedy if not pro-LibDem. Surprising because Kings Lynn is a Tory seat with a Tory Council! Win for Kennedy.

4. Abortion Laws: Thoughtful responses from Greer and Kennedy. Johnson seems very well briefed. Letwin and Kennedy agreeing again. Johnson very sensible to bat the issue back to a free-vote backbench bill. Score draw.

5. PMs jet: Populist answer from Greer. Sensible answers from Letwin and Kennedy but make them both look a bit ignorant of the issue. Johnson says it like it is. Win for Johnson.

6. BBC Programmes: Rather pathetic all round, I genuinely think none of them watch TV. Best answers from the audience! Finally, a Tory audience member ... and a lovely quip about the BBC backing Labour. Win for the audience.

Johnson was very impressive - where has he been all this time? 8/10
Letwin was a bumbling Tory but I warmed to him - 7/10
Greer less annoying than usual - 7/10
Kennedy - it was his show and he was on good form - 8½/10

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