Monday, June 26, 2006

Former LibDem Councillor jumps ship to Greens

Apparently Dawn Castle-Green, who was LibDem Councillor for Mancroft up until her sudden resignation last month, has quits the LibDems in favour of the Greens. Political roundabout Dawn has now been a member of three parties - the lucky other lot being Labour, not the Tories.

Dawn's resignation, on the grounds of ill health, came as a bit of a shock to her colleagues, and subsequently the Greens won her seat off the LibDems. Cue massive strop-on from her former council friends because they could have really done with having her vote in the chamber.

She now claims that the LibDems aren't very nice people and she disagrees with them all anyway. How lucky she suddenly found all this out - I've known that for some years. Now she is happily supporting the Greens in anyway she can.

A note of caution for the cock-a-hoop Greens though, apparently Labour only knew she'd quit them for the LibDems when they found her telling for her new party one election day. "They're welcome to her," said one LibDem wag to me tonight.

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Anonymous said...

She must be a bit of a Chameleon, does she know Davie C.?