Thursday, June 29, 2006

St Peter & St Paul

Today is a Holy Day of Obligation so I started by going to mass, taken not by St. George's own Father Tony but by Malawi's visiting priest, Father Henry. It is the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul today. It was also Year 8 Parents Evening and I have spent 5 hours being a proper Head of Year. I like to see my role as "meet and greet" but I fear it always turns into "meet, greet and be disappointed with progress". I never get to spend time with the overwhelming majority of nice pupils and their parents. Time management dictates that I have to focus on those with academic, social or behavioural problems. Turnout was 82% - more than any recent election - and I did to meet most parents as they came in. It was a highly successful night.

Good news is that the dumping-house I highlighted previously is to be cleared up and a report prepared for me about why it was left to fall into such disrepair. Tomorrow I am representing the ward at a Safer Neighbourhoods Meeting and then onto a NAIL2 meeting and finally (if I get there) a friend's engagement party.

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