Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ming the Great Commoner?

Iain Dale is reporting that the LibDems are attempting to portray their Leader as a common man of the people. Hardly likely. Pin-stripped Sir Menzies Campbell shortnes his name to Ming - isn't that common enough? Now LibDem MPs are leaking that he likes fish 'n' chips and watches trashy BBC programmes (as, shamefully, do I). Only problem is that the programme he claims to watch wasn't being broadcast when he claimed to watch it. Rather like footballers Blair watched play who he couldn't have watched playing and flights to destinations he couldn't have stowed away on because Newcastle Airport didn't go there. Hague's 14-pints gaffe is actually the most likely of the recent politican boasts - and thats saying something! (Although, having seen Hague in a conference bar, I wouldn't bet against it!). Why do they do it? Why must politicans feel the need to fib when claiming to be one of the masses?

Particularly Sir Ming, who is always going to be percieved as more upper-class than even Eton-educated David "Dave" Cameron. Give up LibDems, find whatever Sir Ming's strengths are and play to them.

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Anonymous said...

Mings common touch and "mingling" with the masses is lying on a hotel bed, eating fish n chips out of the wrapper, whilst watching ballroom dancing on the box, so I am told. Where did the athlete in this man go??