Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Executive, Partnerships and Relaunches

After a tiring day at school measuring tie lengths (oh yes, 10 inches it has to be) I then went down to observe the Executive Meeting at City Hall. The controversial proposals to redevelop flats on Barrack Street was up for discussion and a couple of dozen members of the public turned up to voice their feelings. You cannot help but have sympathy for people for their circumstances and the Council must do what it can for the current residents. But I do believe things move on and this redevelopment is great news for the City as a whole. Admittedly it means 6 less from council house stock but the new homes will be to a much higher spec and demonstrate greater care for the environment.

Politically it was interesting to see Labour take their “tough choices.” As always, Cllr Morrey led the way in blunt honesty and Cllr Ferris led the way in blaming the last LibDem administration. I won’t tell you what former LibDem Council Leader Cllr Couzens whispered under his breath at that point… well, not unless I get very drunk one night and blurt it out on this blog!

The people who demonstrated tonight are Labour’s core vote – true believers in council house stock and one of them told me how socialism meant, for him, being looked after in the council’s care. The Executive did vote to proceed with the plans despite being pitched against Labour’s own core supporters.

Next it was off to Bowthorpe for the AGM of the Community Partnership under the direction of the excellent Christine Sexton. I’ll feed back later some of the issues which arose but let’s say we’ve only just finished the meeting! At these meetings I do my monthly feedback as a Councillor too. Subjects under discussion included road safety, the police, environmental changes and trees.

It is always a pity that more people don’t attend these public meetings though, I wonder what is required for them to “make a comeback”?

On the national side, Cameron did Blair over again at PMQs and (if I do say so myself) another woeful performance from Sir Ming. Apparently Kennedy is back on our screens on QT tomorrow – should be well worth watching!


Anonymous said...

Antony, I'm glad you insist on a 10" tie length at school, it instils a sense of style and pride in tie dressing, as well as referencing and utilising imperial measurement on the alternative edge of the ruler. Stubby ended ties look so naff and a symptom of personal ambivalence. They belong to the 1980's. Full Windsor knots might even take off? OK this may be too ambitous

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Anonymous said...

On the Barrack Street development Brian Morey and Steve Morphew have pushed for the correct larger choice, whilst Greens have got stuck defending the little picture. I don't know what picture LibDems are looking at the moment. Whilst tenants and leaseholders need support, priority rehousing and proper compensation, the new outweighs messing around with the existing. The council doesn't have the upgrade cash anyhow.

I only hope that the proposals do push for a high 50% energy efficient developments with solar capture design, solar roof panels, solar heating tubes and mini turbines. With this flagship development a design and constructional precident should be set for other future developments.

I also hope a pedestrian bridge connection can be made across the Wensun to the tower and park.

Antony said...

I wouldn't disagree there, annon!

Anonymous said...

I have to say i preferred my windsor knot when i still had to wear a tie!