Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Travellers have gone - but their litter lives on

The Travelling community has now left the park in Bowthorpe Old Hall Road, but their litter and mess live on. I think this is sad. Most of the static community would welcome visitors, even on communal land, if they left it neat and paid respect to the natural environment. To leave a mess, which the council tax payers fork out to clean up, can only damage relationships with the next set of travellers.

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Anonymous said...

Antony, absolutely right. Well this must be the last time Bowthorpe tolerates Travellers. They had their chance on this site to win hearts and minds of locals over by being tidy and considerate; and they blew it! They just want a freebie and let locals to foot the bill of their litter trail. Message: Don't bother coming back. Unfortunately common reality persists, rather than prejudice.