Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Planning application likely to cause concern

A planning application by the Jehovas Witnesses to build a "Christian meeting room" has been re-submitted to Norwich City Council. The plans to build behind the Police Station on Wendene caused a stir last time they were put forward and had to be withdrawn. Now Bowthorpe Ward Councillor Antony Little is worried the same could happen again.

Cllr Little said: "There are lots of unkwnon quantities with this planning application that are likley to worry a lot of local people. Most obviously is that of traffic and parking. Wendene is not designed for large number of vehicles and there are already concerns about speeding in the road. This planning application could put a lot more cars coming through Bowthorpe and the surrounding roads. That has a knock on effect for safety. Parking for such a large number of cars would also be a problem."

"I think that this application needs to be worked out very carefully and if the effects are too great on the local community then I am ready and willing to lead the opposition to this planning application."

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I hear that there is a vacant modern building "Thurne" next to Glaven Ward that is surplus to NHS requirements at Hellesden that could be ideal on practical and philosophical grounds. The grounds are landscaped and pleasant with available car parking space.