Sunday, July 23, 2006

EEN media tart

For those of you unfortunate not to have access to the Norwich Evening News or (hang your heads in shame) those who do not read it, I am all over it a bit at the moment.

Here I am organising a protest against the Costessey Incinerator.

I am also attacking the traveller community who left their rubbish around Old Hall Park.

Also I urge action on combating attacks in the classroom.

I am encouraging traveller's to respect the environment.

I have supported the launch of a campaigning website.

Speaking at a public meeting in New Costessey.

Paying tribute to LibDem Councillor Vic Elvin, who passed away.

I know there are at least 3 stories planned for next week. Am I a tart? Well, compare and contrast to Iain Dale and I think you'll find me a chaste virgin.


Anonymous said...

Its better to be a tart than a shrinking violet on the back benches of CityLab, LibDems, and Greend. It least Bowthorpe gets a positive "disproportionate" attention to its issues, that are occasionally commom to those in other Norwich wards. Good Job so far Antony.

Anonymous said...

And they haven't seen you play badminton yet. Now that would really confirm your tart status!

Anonymous said...

Badminton? hehe