Wednesday, July 12, 2006

SHOCK: EDP well behind the times

The closure of the Conservative Club in Norwich pre-dates my involvement with the Norwich Conservatives, the Tories as a whole, my compulsory education and maybe even my life span. I have no idea when it closed because it happened such a long time ago. Currently the remaining members are finalising the division of whatever capital remains from the closure of the club.

However, the excitable young EDP hack who is phoning every Tory this side of the Wensum seems to think this is the biggest scandle going. Now I know the EDP are just a teeny-weeny bit anti-Tory but these continual non-stories are getting the paper (and their publisher Archant) a bad name locally. Given the effort that the journo has put into this, how can it be justified?

Or is it that the EDP are just struggling to keep up with stories that happened 20 years ago?

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