Friday, July 07, 2006

Council Leadership decided (at last)

Labour have to do it, the Tories can't do it, the Greens wanted to do it ... and the LibDems have fluffed doing it.

Appointing a front bench team.

Now we can be smug here as with only 2 Councillors there is a limit to what we can achieve. But the Greens have managed to rope 8 different councillors into shadowing the 8 exec positions, so why can't the LibDems?

Cllr Couzens takes on the role of Leader and Shadow Member for Resources.
Cllr Watkins takes on Shadow Economy, Communications & Organisational Culture as well as Shadow Tourism, Culture and Leisure.
Cllr Lowe is now Shadow Community & Community Safety.
Cllr Divers is Shadow Environment (god help us all).
Cllr Lubbock is Shadow Development.
Cllr Cooke is Shadow Housing.

Then apparently Cllrs Couzens, Cooke and Divers will share the new role of Shadow Contracts & Procurement. Words simply fail me.

They had years in office, achieved little and left the council in a state. Now either they are admitting they don't have the talent to form a frontbench team (look at the Greens, they don't have the talent and that didn't stop them) or they aren't even taking their role as an opposition seriously.

The elctors of Norwich City have never taken kindly to incompetence. Nor, for that matter, those who shirk their duties. LibDems take note - the 2006 drubbing was only for starters.

p.s. for those that care:
Leader of the Group: Morphew (Lab), Couzens (LD), Ramsay (G), Little (Con)
Deputy Leader of the Group: Ferris (Lab), Cooke (LD), Collishaw (Con)
Economy: Morphew (Lab), Watkins (LD), Ramsay (G), Collishaw (Con)
Tourism & Culture: Ferris (Lab), Watkins (LD), Altman (G), Little (Con)
Community: Blakeway (Lab), Lowe (LD), Gledhill (G), Little (Con)
Contracts: Blower (lab), Couzens/Cooke/Divers (LD), Stephenson (G), Collishaw (Con)
Environment: Brociek-Coulton (Lab), Divers (LD), Bearman (G), Little (Con)
Development: Morrey (Lab), Lubbock (LD), Read (G), Collishaw (Con)
Resources: Waters (Lab), Couzens (LD), Holmes (G), Collishaw (Con)
Housing: Westmacott (Lab), Cooke (LD), Llewellyn (G), Little (Con)

p.p.s. What has Cllr Jago done to annoy Ramsay then?

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