Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Day

I have a full page profile today in today's Bowthorpe News. Also the Evening News have picked up the story about the litter left by the travellers. Absolutely disgraceful - and the picture in the paper should shame the people that left it. In the printed edition, but not on-line, I also have a piece in about the destruction of council play equipment in North Earlham. Sometimes the actions of a minority really make those of us fighting to make our communities a better place to live wonder if our efforts are worthwhile.

I have got home to find that Lord Levy had been arrested and bailed again - this stink is heading back to No.10 methinks. Once again Cameron humiliated Blair at PMQs - cutting him down with the John Prescott "tell us its not true" remark - but I have to say that Sir Ming's efforts with the NatWest Three were very impressive too. At last! Well done, Sir Ming.

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