Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tory support hits 13 year high - LibDems slump, say BBC

The Guardian is coming over all Cameron lovey-dovey, which ties my stomach in knots but now the BBC is doing it too! Still, I suppose it is only reporting the facts:

Conservative support has reached a 13-year high of 39%, a Guardian/ICM poll suggests. The party has risen two points in a month with Labour up three to 35%.

The growth in popularity of both parties contrasts with a slump in Liberal Democrat support to 17% - the party's lowest rating since 2002.


Anonymous said...

The key word there is 'suggests'.

Antony said...

Polls can only suggest Tamzin - if you only believed real votes in real elections the Tories would be on 40pc to the LD 27 and Labour 26pc (as cast on 4th May 2006). Both great for the Tories!

Anonymous said...

ah the sound of a bitter libdem :-P