Sunday, July 16, 2006

Social Whirl

Apologies for not posting sooner but once you wade through this lot you'll have some idea why I've not been able to catch up!

Thursday afternoon I went to my first Scrutiny meeting. Now I was very disappointed. I was very much under the impression that Scrutiny scrutinised things - you know, the running of the council and so forth. But apparently not. I'm not quite sure what we decided upon but it seemed so far from scrutiny to be unrecognisable.

The afterwards I flew off (not literally, Cllr Read!) to the charms of Diss for the Norfolk & Suffolk Area AGM. Normal dull-ish procedures but a good presentation on how well we'd done since last year from Chairman Tiz Baskerville and a chance to catch up with Lakenheath by-election winner Colin Noble and his team. Our Area President Baroness Shepherd gave the address during which she encouraged all Tory Councillors to give the otherside "hell". "They did it to us," she advised, "so you do it to them!". Gillian is always good value and her drive is missed in the Commons.

Friday night started at the Brooke Primary School carnival, where the good Mrs Little was in charge of flag dancing. Oh yes, truly a sight to behold. Good to see ward Councillor John Fuller and Adrian Gunson there too, in order to support the event. Teacher and pupils should be proud of themselves.

Then off into Norwich for a night of drinking and dancing ... funnily enough this part of the weke goes a bit hazy.

Saturday was the Lord Mayor's Parade and it was excellent! Lord Mayor Felicity Hartley should be proud of the event - well done to City Council Ents team as well!

Today I have travelled the length of the county - from a BBQ with Richard Bacon MP in Seething to Iain Dale's birthday team on the North Norfolk Coast.

Phew ... and it's not over yet because I have to prepare for tomorrow's lessons!

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