Friday, July 28, 2006

A List: One step forward?

I am delighted by the news that Keith Simpson MP has been adopted for the newly created Broadland seat and also that local man Richard Drax has won the Tory nomination in highly-marginal South Dorset. Similarly Reading West has gone for the local champion as has the new notional Tory North East Somerset seat. Top Tory target of Hove selected a local Councillor and LibDem held Lewes has chosen a "son of the seat". Yorkshire targets Selby and York Outer both plumped for the local candidates. And all this happened after the A List was introduced.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to pick holes but Hove have not picked a local councillor. He's a councillor in Crawley and as he was only elected this year some there might wonder just how well he's going to look after their interests if he's trying to be the PPC in Hove.