Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Here I am

... in Hungary at the e-democracy conference. It shames me to say it but the best stuff so far has come from the US contributors. The UK is very well represented and I have had some excellent discussions with members of the UK Youth Parliament about the failure of Norwich City Council to provide a yough engagement strategy. The stuff I am picking up is priceless. More on that later.

Onto more pressing issues.

The hotel is excellent - I have a wonderful room with river views. The City is beautiful and after this I am going for a walk (just wish Mrs Little was here to share this City with me.) The hotel is well worth the 5* ratings. Hungarian driver do, however, make Italians look safe and pedestrian. They are also very keen on advertising hoardings, which all seem to show the same young gentleman wearing nothing but a very small and very tight pair of red Y-fronts. No slogan, no words so I can only assume that it is advertising Y-fronts and that is big business over here. I have used all the hotel facilities (twice). Goota get some value from the government now, haven't I? Will attempt regular blog updates tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

After you mentioned that billboard I looked on the taxi on the way to the airport this afternoon -- didn't see it at all... Even if there was Hungarian on the advert, though, it would not have helped. Hungarian's the first language that uses the Roman lettering system that I haven't been able to guess a single word of...

I'm going to post on Hungarian drivers I think... They're the way we should all be!

Antony said...

It must only be on the way in, Councillor. Hungarian drivers are great ... maybe Clarkson should be campaigning on this?