Tuesday, July 25, 2006

(Almost) Blogging Full Council

I don't have much time because I leave at 5am for Hungary and the e-democracy conference, but I would like to share some of the choice quotes from tonight's full council meeting. Bearing in mind that these come from seasoned politicans and the guardians of democracy in Norwich. I had two motion down tonight - one for more traveller sites and better traveller-protection in Norwich. The second was against the congestion charge.

"Councillor Little, in putting forward this motion, brings to mind 1930 Germany." - Cllr Waters, a frontbench Labour Councillor with many years experience. More on this one later.

"Councillor Little has a reputation in Bowthorpe for having a strange relationship with the truth" - Cllr Ferris, Deputy Leader of the Council

"There are appauling undercurrants to this motion" - Cllr Rumsby

"This is blatant opportunism and self-seeking self-publicity" - Cllr Ferris

So it seems that if you wish to talk about travellers you must withstand being called a pseudo-Nazi, lying, opportunistic racist? Apparently so according to the Labour benches.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they didn't want u stealing their title of "pseudo-Nazi, lying, opportunistic racist"