Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Labour's unity?

Labour's attack on me tonight, repeated by several Councillors, seems to be what a jolly horrible man I am. What shame. Now Cllr Ferris doesn't like me very much - in fact, she probably hates me. Her venom spills over into the chamber very easily.

So why was it that her colleagues felt the need to apologise to me afterwards for her conduct? Oh dear, Brenda, keep the troops in line! I have a very unusual ally on the Labour benches who seems to genuinly quite like me, politics aside, and found the performance by Cllr Ferris to be "cringeworthy."

I trust the sisterhood will start the mole-hunt?

p.s. Which Councillor called Cllr Cooke's response to my motion "patronising" and "pointless"? Clue: It isn't me or Cllr Collishaw!

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