Thursday, July 20, 2006

Peak Oil Meeting

I am grateful to CRed, Greenhouse Project and others for tonight's Councillor briefing on the peak oil campaign. Energy consumption is clearly going to be a big issue and the fact that you can get three Group Leaders and an Executive Member around a table talking is good news.

I pushed strongly for the council to find ways of getting Norwich City Council to lead on this issue. I think the Greens want to continually shift the focus around to the NDR or airport - but I think we should find the issues on where we agree first and then have the big political fights later.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, people want politicans things that can come about. There are issues about Norwich Airport, and we still need and benefit from it.

On the Carbon front people are more interested on how directly they can make a different, with advice, support and incidentives

1)The next generation of hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell cars, bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, electric vehicles. Sustainable new fuel supply and infrasructure
2)Carbon Neutral homes insultation, energy conservation, energy efficient gadgets and light bulbs, solar capture and design
3)Home energy generation PV solar roof tiles, solar tube roof arrays for central heating and hot water, and mini wind turbines for electicity especially in winter
4)Biomass energy modules for local energy from biowaste

We can't save the world over night, but we can change our little bit of it, first! All help welcome.