Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A reader writes...

An e-mail plops into my box following last night's council meeting. And a most interesting one it is too. Watch out Cllr Ferris, Bowthorpe bites back. This does come from an elector in the ward:

The long knives of the Bowthorpe Labour Girls were out for you tonight Antony! Personally I thought Brenda Ferris's comments were acid, appalling and personal. I think she has limited respect amongst her colleagues and is seen as a political brawler. Guess you've got them going, which is good for choice in Bowthorpe. The two issues you raised were always going to be used as target practice for other parties. 90% of EEN readers think congestion charges won't work or not for them in Norwich, and they are probably right long term. The issue of travellers will also return, unaddressed. Its a merrygoround issue. Human rights have complicated things more. Are teachers an ethnic minority group with human rights?? Possibly Brenda doesn't like teachers!

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